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If you follow along this website, you know that I suggest – or better demand – that part of your home office organization is having your own home working space – your own room.  Let’s start with a great, if necessary small computer desks.

Doing this step is make or break for your business. You can have all the willpower in the world, if you do not find to concentrate on your business, you will get nothing done. The word “Business” is related to “busy”, so we need to find the right environment for you to be busy, and that in a productive way. So.

So ok, you have found your work space in your home? Not a 100 sq feet corner office with a great view, ok, but a big enough room to provide for furniture and organization tools? Great!

Clean it up! Everything not belonging into a place to work has to go. Or did your former boss have a dryer in his office? So radically kick everything out, and make that room comfortable – clean and light. Perhaps you even want to paint the walls in a color you love. Whatever you do, make sure the room feels great.

Small Computer Desks
Untidy Small Computer Desks are too untidy to be a good working place – hide the cabling. And no place for printer and your work area?

Done? Ok, the most important business “tool” you need is not the telephone, but the desk. You need a space to do things and do the work. A desk is mandatory. And even if your new home office room is not big, there are great and beautiful small computer desks easily available.

And no, the old dinner table won’t do, you need something to work at without getting cramps or a backache, which would be very counterproductive, right? The old table might do for a few days, but not if you are in this business for good.

If you do not feel great, you will not perform great. So small computer desks are ok to start with and much better than sub par for office needs furniture.

Your physical and mental condition will be a major contributor to your business success. So do not betray and harm yourself by using less than optimal tools – in this case the best office furniture. Especially since there are exceptionally good computer and office desks available for a bargain price.

Are Small Computer Desks ok for everyone?

So, your office room is ready, it has a door, but no desk? What should you be looking for? Well, know your height and your space needs.

Firstly it is very important that you can sit comfortably at your desk. For example I am very tall and most desks will not do for me. In fact, I have a stylish wooden tabletop office desk, which has leg extensions, so that I can have my office chair in the most elevated position and still do not have to bend over to use this keyboard. You would be surprised what problems tall people have with most furnishings (not to mention kitchens made for “normal” people). So I speak from experience when I say that even if you have only enough space in your first (you wanna grow your business and office, right?) home office for a small (computer) desk, you need to look at the sizes to know if it is a good fit.

The keyword is “ergonomic”. The next step will be to look out for an ergonomic computer chair. And your office/smal computer desks also needs to be ergonomic.

No use to buy a computer desk which is too small.

Since I assume that your home business concept needs a computer, you have to make sure that the small desk offers enough space for your laptop and mouse (you should use a mouse in my opinion, it makes work much easier than working with the touch pad  I would even suggest using an external keyboard and flat screen LCD monitor, even if you own a laptop. You will sit and work much better, believe me.

In case you own a desktop PC or Mac, you need to make sure that your monitor (flat or not) can be placed in a way that you look at it in the right angle, so especially a computer desk needs some depth. The ideal angle for you is to look down slightly  something like 45 degrees. So when your monitor is placed, you still need enough space for the keyboard, telephone and your working area, where you can read or write things by hand. And we haven’t touched the printer issue yet.

So depending on your personal needs make sure that small is not too small.

There are very cleverly designed office desks available which are small but still can fulfill all your needs. They are nicely designed and offer lots of shelves and space to arrange your desk in the way suitable for you.

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