About the importance of Office Chair Back Support

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Based on my personal experiences, I know how important having office chair back support can be. You see, I’m a tall person. Being tall also leads to me inconveniently breaking the backrest of my chairs a little too often. I even have to ‘balance’ myself against the chair without any additional back support.

There are chairs that do revolve around the concept of not having a backrest, having you use your muscles to sit upright. I’m not a fan of that kind of concept. Well, it is good to be forced to strengthen your back muscles. But it’s not good in my opinion, no matter how seemingly ingenious, to sit in a chair exercising your muscles in some way ALL THE TIME. That’s too tiring for meā€¦but yes, some people favor it that way.

The importance of Office Chair Back Support
The importance of Office Chair Back Support

But when I think about it, I actually prefer to lie back in an office chair that’s constructed for back support. People who sit down for hours on end need some kind of support to keep themselves fatiguing their muscles out.

If you’re short, you might have issues with slouching.


Office Chair Back Support for Taller People

For taller people, there’s the issue of our bodies not properly aligning or fitting in the chair. I don’t know if it’s because of my extra height, which may cause more strain upon the backrest itself. Office chairs with proper back support help people, like myself, relax and have improved mental capabilities. In the right chair, I like to sit back, relax and engage in a little thinking.

Also most people have the natural tendency to slouch forward when sitting in a seat. Slouching in your chair for a long period of time pushes your lower back out, forcing your spine’s natural inner curvature to bend outward. Your back may start feeling pains from spinal discomfort.

Tall people like myself need good back support to avoid most of the issues coupled with sitting for long periods of time. The best chair support places the small of the back flush against the chair back. These backrests are often called lumbar back supports.

Many office chairs have lumbar backrests, though there’s also separate lumbar backrests available. These back supports keep our lower spine in alignment and our backs flush against the backrest itself. Simply put, lumbar back supports help keep us sitting upright.

If you’re taller like me, there’s a way we can avoid having backrests wear down or break apart over time. There’s a lot of chairs with great office chair back support on the market today. To avoid issues with flimsy backrests, buy a chair that’s constructed out of high quality materials, ensuring the chair itself is tall enough to cradle your entire body.

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