Home Office Organization is most important for your success

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So you decided to be free and start a home business. Or perhaps you already started your home biz some time ago, but realize that you get less done than you had hoped for? Well, Home Office organization is probably as important for your prosperous venture as is your business idea itself.

Perhaps you are still working for your boss, but have a home office job, so you do not need to commute to the office every day. That’s nice! But again, your boss will be disappointed with the results if you are not working on becoming even more disciplined than in “his” office. It is so easy to get distracted at home and do some routine household tasks, home business or not! If employed or not, home office organisation will make or break your success, if your boss is in the mirror or in another office building somewhere else.

So from my own experience I urge you to not just run a business from your living room. Yes, it has many advantages to be kind of in the center of family life, but you will never get much done. Just a short trip to the dryer or just a few minutes to fill the dishwasher… I tell you, this will sink your business. There is a family time and then there is a office and business time.

See yourself as your own boss. When you were employed and worked for someone else, you were

  1. not at home, so the company had your full attention
  2. if you did not focus on your work, your boss would make you do that
  3. there was no dryer or dishwasher around in the first place
Home office Organization is make or break for your business
Home office Organization is “make or break” for your business

So yes, working from your home is a huge advantage, and more and more people – some of them non-voluntarily – start to work from home. And I am certain this trend will even speed up. For example IBM is working on a program to make all their employees work as for them as freelancers, not as employees anymore. And many other companies will follow their example.

But back to our topic of why organization is so important for you: You need to stay focused and get things done. And for that, you need the right environment without the distractions of your family life. So first order of business is to have a real home office, your own room only for your business. It needn’t be a very big room, but you need a door and enough space to put your desk, printer, telephone, fax machine, chair, books, folders, drawers, dustbin etc. in a way that you have enough room to think and be creative.

In Feng Shui for example (the ancient teaching of how our environment influences us) a crowded room is seen as suffocating your creativity – and your business.

So on this website let’s discuss home office organization tips and ideas like office organizers and organization systems, home office storage.

And let us not forget about the best home office furniture for you. You need to have a desk you are looking forward to working at for hours every day. So not every living room table will do, you should use the info here to find yourself the ideal (computer) desk and chair, ideally ergonomic. More on that later.

You also need office equipment fitting your needs, like the best home office phone, printer and furniture. You can get good deals on quality products like glass desks or roll top desks and we will find these together. More on that later.

But you also need a system to work with all these tools. By that I do not mean not tolerating any folders piling up on your desk during your workday. That is part of a creative business life, though having a great filing system will help you greatly. But no, some chaos is part of life. It is more important to have a clear mindset for keeping a structure.

So, let’s say you have your own room for your home office, you taught your wife, husband or kids to not disturb – except for emergencies – you during your working hours. You have a structured home office day – getting up early in the morning, entering your home office at 8am every working day, work concentrated till lunch, have a lunchbreak with your family for – again say – an hour and return to your office at 2pm to again work highly creatively and concentrated till a defined end of your working day, how about 5 pm.

When you close for the day, your last business action for that day is to clean up your office desk, file papers and put them into the right place in the file cabinet, safe the files on your computer you will need in the future,   scratch tasks done today from your daily to do list (you have one, right? that also is highly important – and fun!) and jot down the tasks you need to tackle tomorrow.

The more untidy you will leave your home office, the less productive the next day will be… and interestingly  the less happy you will be. The tidier your office is, the less stressed you will feel…promise!

EFT for Home Business Organization

So there are many ideas and tips around home business organization and getting all the tools like the best ergonomic office chair and desk and buying the perfect home office file cabinets, telephone and printer is a huge part of having a successful business.

But your mentality plays the most important role. So what if you feel that you can’t use these home business organization tips effectively. Like you really want to but never manage to be a fair and strict boss to yourself. You always sleep in late since you run your own business. Or though you did a lot today, you feel like you can never leave the home office to enjoy your family. You feel like you never worked hard enough, you stress yourself out.

[viral-lock]In the first case you do not take your business serious enough and it will show. You probably even didn’t follow my advice to have a separate home office and did not invest into the tools on our home office equipment list above. You are running the risk of failing in your enterprise.

In the second case you take your business too seriously, and you will show after some time. We work for having a life and not vica versa.[/viral-lock]

So in case that you have all the things from the office equipment list for equipping your home office or not, if your home business stresses you, you need to look within. Search this website for “eft” and help yourself with this stress releasing technique.

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