From cheap desks to Modern Black Corner L Shaped Desks

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The most important piece of furniture of your home office is the desk. You will spend most of your business working time sitting in front of it, probably staring at your computer screen. So you should choose this piece with uttermost care from a huge variety of options, ranging from simple cheap desks for one computer to modern black I shaped corner desks.

We already covered the issue of finding a small computer desk here. This would be your best option if your room in the house reserved for your venture is not big enough to host a bigger writing table. But if you find a room with enough space for a full blown “bureau”, then you should get yourself a bigger one. You will need the space to organize your home business dealings, have a place for the printer and the folders, enough room to be creative and – as a consequence – just feel great. And it will show in the form of business success.

As you probably know I am a huge fan of the Amazon marketplace. The sheer amount of different products, the reviews by real buyers and the service they offer is the reason for me to buy most of my stuff online from them.

So let’s check what “black computer desks” they have to offer…Wow! Searching for this term in the “Office   Products” department shows 9.430 results! There should be a computer piece of furniture for us among them.

Desks for your Home Office - from cheap to i shaped
Desks for your Home Office – from cheap to i shaped

Ok, so let’s narrow down the options. We want a product with the highest ratings (4+ stars), a good price (use the Discount option on the left menu bar, I chose “25% off or more”) and a good price range (I choose with “any price range”, because many of the products shown are also chairs, so I see all the desks). To reduce the products shown which are only accessories I also chose “Office Furniture & Lighting” , a sub-department of “Office Furniture”.

So now I still can choose from 54 products, among them some real beauties. For example, there is a “L-Shape Home Office Computer Desk, Cappuccino Finish Base, Glass Top” priced at $341 from $716. So it is not exactly cheap (please read my remarks on the Total Cost of Ownership), but a beautiful modern corner computer desk with a glass plate and black table legs (actually they are more brownish/cappuccino colored – that does not qualify as black).It is shipped by Amazon themselves (even more trust) and 19 reviews and 28 Likes on the social media.

So I now check the reviews. Not all are good. Some of them complain about the delivery time. More concerning was the most helpful (rated by other readers) review that the colored laminate of the table legs was peeling of right at the beginning. The Reviewer remarks that the support by the company was very helpful, but still it means an extra effort you have to take to get a perfect solution for your home office. This is something I would not like, but it seems not many reviewers had this problem and support was ok.

Another reviewer complains that the assembly was quite complicated. Well, this should not be a problem for the IKEA generation I belong to, as we have assembled lots of pieces of furniture and cursed often, but their support is also very good, and I still have IKEA bookshelves in my home office. I also used to have an IKEA desk when I was younger. It was nice.

So, all in all, if I were in the market, I wouldn’t have to look much further.But since it is not exactly black but cappuccino-colored (looks black on the image to me), go ahead and find yourself your favorite work desk version…

If you are just starting out and am on a tight budget, let’s use the strategy described above to help you find cheap computer desks. So I type in “cheap computer desk” in the “Office Products -> Furniture and Lighting and then also -> Desks and Workstations” department and get 457 results. Now again 4+ stars with price “up to $25” yields no results (except for some accessories), so I check the next price range ($25 to $50).

With these search settings, immediately a “Small Home Office / Dorm Computer Desk w/ Elevated Shelf – Black” catches my eye. It looks great and has a price tag of $99.97, coming from $159,99. The description promises easy assembly and praises a 90-day warranty (not much to european ears though), but the downside is that it is not shipped by Amazon and there are no customer reviews yet, only a Like on the social media. Considering the effort it would take to repack and return this piece of bureau furniture, I would rather continue to look for some social proof (good ratings by buyers).

Looking around I find an metal-colored “Mobile & Compact MDF Computer Cart, Graphite” priced at $59 (was $89.99 – 34% off), shipped by Amazon and having 4.5 stars from 24 customer reviews. The worst review says it is not very stable, but again, you are not planning to use this thing for years, do you? In this price range something has to give, and it is a pretty small desk, so in my opinion your creativity will not be supported.

Looking around further I see this “Wood Laptop Desk in Carolina Oak” priced at about $90, coming from over $160. It seems to be a very sturdy though not very modern computer desk, but a reviewer says it is made of presswood and has some downsides. So again, as a business owner, always think of the Total cost of Ownership of your office furniture.

You may check out some other options on the Marketplace.

Are you looking for a modern desk? Check out the assortment. On first glance I have seen some interesting candidates.

And in case you are looking for a L-shaped or corner desk, let this video inspire you:

Some beautiful L-shaped corner desks… go check for them on Amazon




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