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So, you have your own room and your office furniture is assembled and ready to start? Ok, now then, let’s start to market your home business. And for that you need good office phone. We are looking for the best speakerphone for your home office.

Firstly, you need your own landline number. Nothing is more detrimental to your business than giving the impression of being an amateur. Say you slept in and your spouse or child tells the business caller in all honesty that you are taking a shower … that actually happened to me.

Sure, it depends on your type of business. If you are an author, it is not that bad if your publisher calls and is answered by your family. But if you are trying to get new clients for your Realtor business, well, that might be detrimental

So, with landlines having become very cheap indeed, get your own landline in your home office. Perhaps your provider offers a second line for free or at a very good rate? Check that!

Now you need a phone. So what is the best speakerphone for a Home office?

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Here are my criteria: I want a desk phone with a speaker, for several reasons. On the one hand, I can type in the number with – well, one hand. On the other hand the speakers and microphones often have a better quality, so that communicating under stress (there may be stressful situations, when you need to concentrate and understand exactly what the partner is telling you). High sound and microphone quality are mandatory.
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Also a desk phone has much more stability. When you put a cordless phone on speakers and put it on the table to do something with your hands, though the quality is not that bad the phone rocks around from your movements and makes a clicking noise that way.

So yes, I do have a cordless phone with speakers, actually quite a good one (it is a Gigaset, a spin-off from Siemens). This is my home phone, and I need it to be portable, so that you can use it anywhere in the house. But – and for me this is a big BUT! – since I do not want to have the radiation a cordless phone permanently emits next to my head (had my fair share of that for years and am a bit worried about that), I would never use a cordless phone for my desk. A phone with a cord is as convenient or even more so for my business needs.

So with your home office phone, you mostly will stay at your desk in your home office. You will not need to carry it around in the house. And you will probably use it a lot, and for me having the radiation source (modern cordless phones emit so called DECT pulsed bursts of electromagnet fields) is no option for more than a few minutes a day.

But this is me. Perhaps you trust the assertions, that “electromagnetic pulses do no harm to your brain”. I don’t. I also have a mobile phone, which adds to the magnetic pulses burden on my head.

But there are also products which offer both: They are desk phones but come with a handset or a handset can be added later, so you have both.

I would also like a display and an answering machine, Caller-ID, speakerphone and price up to $150.

Office Phone Systems - Best Speakerphone for Home Office
Office Systems – Best Speakerphone for Home Office

Ok now, what office phone is the best in my opinion?

From experience I like Siemens/Gigaset very much. German quality meets high tech. So when I go to the Amazon Marketplace I would search for their products and find me a corded telephone. But I did not see any phone with great ratings. So I gave up on that brand.

Also Panasonic has always been a great buy for me. And yes, there are several intriguing Panasonic desk phone models to choose from.

But I suggest we do a standard search, to be open for something new. -> Office Products -> corded speakerphone

There are very interesting products from Uniden, GE and Panasonic on the first page. I do a lot research  about the different phones on the Amazon marketplace, and read many disappointing reviews even for phones which have an average rating above 4 stars.So it took some searching to come up with a high quality reliable office desk phone.

Sure, there can always be problems with the phone you order. That is one of the things I like about amazon: their customer support.

But after having read all these reviews, I would go for the Panasonic KX-TG4771B Dect_6.0 1-Handset 1-Line Landline Telephone.

It is an office desk phone, that comes with one handset. I also features the newest DECT technology (though not yet ECO-DECT as Gigaset offers, which reduces the pulse energy) , it has an 18 minute digital answering system included, is expandable up to 6 handsets and you can adjust the volume of the handset. It has a display and Caller-ID and a speakerphone functionality.

It’s priced around $60, so well within my budget.

The reviewers (25 reviews at the time of this writing) like the phone very much, except for only two 1-Star ratings (phone dead on arrival and long wait till arrival). All the other reviewers think it to be ok up to very good.


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