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Homebusinesses: Do not ignore the teachings from the CeBIT 2015!
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The (economic) world changes faster and faster. Your opportunities and challenges as a homebusiness were present all the time during the CeBIT digital economy fair. So do not miss the learnings for you from this excellent demonstration of where we are heading and how you can grow your business, instead … Read More

Cheap Office Chair – How Cheap is Cheap Really?
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If you are looking for a cheap office chair, well, please consider that cheap can be even extra expensive. So please make a differentiation between “cheap” and “good value, reasonably priced”! If you have read our article about “Total Cost of Ownership of Office Furniture” you know that you have … Read More

Panasonic Phone Systems for your Home Office
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When you are looking for a home office phone system, Panasonic Phone Systems are a great option. There are many different products by Panasonic to choose from and the company’s experience with office systems is legendary. Depending on your needs Panasonic offers you a product range beginning with a standard … Read More

Small Office Phone Systems
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Any home office needs an office phone system. And some small office phone systems can be the perfect solution for our needs. A small office phone system is designed to improve the communications of an office where only a few people work (as opposed to a big office which dozens … Read More

How to Build a Website – The Better Way
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Update Nov. 2016: Boy…. 4 years have passed, and I stumble over this post of mine… This content is outdated by now… I keep it here for historical reasons… read for enjoyment and realisation, how fast in our internet age times change…but the content is 100% outdated  … oh… and … Read More

About the importance of Office Chair Back Support
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Based on my personal experiences, I know how important having office chair back support can be. You see, I’m a tall person. Being tall also leads to me inconveniently breaking the backrest of my chairs a little too often. I even have to ‘balance’ myself against the chair without any … Read More